Management and ERP Solution

PHC software: more customers, more efficiency, greater cost control. Discover the ERP built to adapt to your needs anytime and accelerate your business anywhere. It is so comprehensive that it can be used by companies of any area and size. And so customizable that it can be adapted to the specific reality of your business.

  • Simplified document certification
  • Real-time communications to AT
  • Intuitive management of your Customers, Suppliers and Current Accounts
  • Bi-Currency System
  • Creation of the COPE file – Full and automatic control of the entire financial flow (real, provisional and budgetary)
  • Control of Collections to Customers
  • Commission management by various criteria
  • Integrated document management, anywhere and together with customers
  • Batch Management Stock management by color and size
  • Control of factoring contracts
  • Generation of Intrastat electronic reports (statistics on intra-community transactions)
  • Automation of connections with pre-sales and self-sales equipment
  • Control of tasks related to the various Ecovalor fees
  • Content and site management
  • Communication and information sharing between employees

We are PHC Advanced partners specialized in the following modules

Networks and Security

Networking services: We have value-added partnerships with leading manufacturers in the networking area. Integrated network solutions, according to the needs of each client:

Ubiquiti develops Internet management solutions, which enable the improvement of corporate networks and ensure that there are no failures, even during the transition between networks. Avoids delays and errors that can lead to decreased productivity for the entire company. Some advantages:

High performance and performance WiFi, with high coverage both in outdoor and indoor spaces.
Innovative industrial design, versatile and suitable for any environment and company, regardless of the sector, for easy and discreet integration
Powerful WiFi management software with low latencye with low latencytion and information sharing between employees

Office 365 e Exchange

Está sempre atualizado

Com uma subscrição do Office 365, obtém as aplicações mais recentes do Office (tanto a versão online como a de ambiente de trabalho) e as atualizações que forem lançadas.

Está em todos os seus dispositivos

No seu computador, tablet e telemóvel.* O Office 365 + o seu dispositivo + a Internet = produtividade onde quer que esteja.

* Sim, todos estes: Windows devices, Mac, iPad®, iPhone® e Android™.

O Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive e, no seu PC, o Publisher e Access. Tudo o que precisa para casa, escola e trabalho